B&B has established itself as a leader in trademark counseling and management.

Our trademark clients own some of the most identifiable and valueable trademarks in the world, including one of the world's largest beverage companies as well as one of the leading guitar manufacturers. Our experience ranges from sophisticated trademark counseling and planning, knowledgeable prosecution and careful search analysis, to highly developed opposition, litgation and alternative dispute resolution skills. B&B offers a selection of highly trained diverse counsel, who have the practical, business and legal expertise to identify and solve your trademark issues throughout the world.

The B&B attorneys believe that companies deserve high-quality legal representation that is tailored to meet their individual needs while taking into account the realities of the new business climate and limited legal budgets. We recognize that the long-term success of any business calls for a diverse body of talent that can bring fresh ideas, perspectives and views to the table.

At B&B we can effectively assist in the management of your trademark portfolio throughout the life of your brand.

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