University of North Carolina Wilmington, B.A. Psychology, 1994
Juris Doctorate,
Thomas M Cooley Law School, Lansing Michigan 1999


Georgia | Illinois

Johnathan M. Bates is a partner at B&B, and is the Chair of the Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Piracy Team. Using tactical and proven IP enforcement strategies, Johnathan assists clients in curbing the mass production, importation, and sale of pirated goods in markets worldwide. He and his team have extensive experience in handling comprehensive infringement cases before civil, criminal, and administrative tribunals. Understanding the value of a strategic IP program, Johnathan works intently to help B&B clients secure and protect their IP portfolios. One of the most hands on strategies John utilizes is working with global Customs authorities and the International Customs Enforcement. By training Customs personnel and other similar trade enforcement authorities to recognize counterfeits, a frontline weapon is developed and maintained as part of a cohesive global strategy for IP enforcement. Some of the other enforcement authorities that are utilized in this defense strategy are Homeland Security, the FBI, Interpol, ATF, DEA, as well as local law enforcement agencies. The use of such a broad range of agencies provides a multi-pronged approach in the prevention of the distribution of unlawful goods.

Prior to joining B&B, Johnathan was the State's Attorney for Grundy County, Illinois. His breadth of experience from working closely with government and law enforcement officials has proven to be highly beneficial in effectively addressing counterfeit and piracy issues.