University of Wisconsin-Madison, BA English


As an intellectual property paralegal, Mr. Giese has extensive experience with foreign and domestic patent prosecution, including international PCT applications, as well as filings in many National and Regional Patent Offices.  In addition to assisting with the preparation, filing, and prosecuting of patent applications, Jeffrey is also well versed in coordinating and preparing declaration and assignment documents, documenting information disclosure statements, and corresponding with both the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  Certified through the WIPO Academy for DL301-Patents, Jeffrey has also been trained in modern global patent prosecution and is familiar with priority documents, disclosure requirement deadlines, and the various filing strategies for obtaining patent protection.  Jeffrey is also experienced in the docketing matters of a diverse patent portfolio, which include duties such as maintaining records for prosecution documents, foreign and domestic correspondence, office actions, and annuity payment deadlines.

In addition to patent prosecution, Jeffrey also has extensive experience in the defense and enforcement of trademark rights and protections.   These duties include investigating trademark infringement and misuse, drafting correspondence addressing various issues and degrees of infringement, drafting warranty agreements, maintaining case profiles and infringement histories, extensive online search procedures, and corresponding with E-commerce online websites for the correction and removal or trademark infringement matters.  Jeffrey has also assisted in the filing of trademark applications as well as trademark searches through the USPTO.