At B&B our attorneys strive to build long-term relationships with our clients so as to develop an intimate understanding of our client's business goals and legal needs. We are able to provide top quality transactional services with a greater efficiency because we work with our clients to prioritize their business strategies as well as their intellectual property and technology goals.

Our attorneys have a wide range of intellectual property transactional experience and are thus able to handle everything from complex sales and mergers to a simple cross-license agreement.

B & B's diverse team of lawyers combine extensive real-world industry experience in intellectual property and commercial matters with interdisciplinary legal and academic backgrounds in order to structure, draft and negotiate a wide variety of transactions involving intellectual property rights and complex commercial matters. Many of our lawyers hold advanced degrees in science, or have spent significant time during their formative years practicing in legal disciplines such as M & A, corporate, finance and intellectual property litigation. Moreover, several of our lawyers worked in-house with Fortune 500 companies or within the technology industries. Coupled with our client relationships, our experience allows the B&B team to understand the “big picture” and to address the potential issues that may arise out of a business transaction.